Environmental Policy

Energy Saving & Protecting the Environment

There is no doubt that transportation of cargo is an energy intense industry. At Airmark, we are fully aware of our obligations in minimising our impact on greenhouse gas emissions and our responsibilities in protecting our fragile environment.

We are also aware that environmental best practices make good business sense.

  • We use electric and gas fork lifts.
  • We utilise low voltage lighting apparatus in our offices and warehouses.
  • All power outlets are switched off when not in use.
  • We recycle all paper and wooden material.
  • Furthermore we have made our staff aware of and constantly reinforce
    our commitment in regard to the environment and the use of water.


Logistics Companies in Australia

At Airmark, innovation is at the very core of our operation. We consider every item, in every box, in every shipment critically important to the success of our customers business.

Commitment and a sense of urgency are the foundations of our skills. These elements and our ability to think ʻoutside the boxʼ, position us as innovators, most often exceeding our customers expectations. Every member of the Airmark Team is completely aware of the downstream effects of his or her actions and therefore takes pride in ensuring that the customer is first and foremost in every thought and deed, both on and off the job.

We possesses a wealth of experience, exposure and stability rarely matched industry-wide. Our management team participate in a number of community organizations and through this we have come to understand the communitiesʼ needs. We also understand the need for speed and we never ever ease off the accelerator!

The Structure

Airmark is based in Australia – one of the most important centres of international trade. Airmark has established links with New Zealand, Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our superior buying power gives us an advantage with space allocations and schedules which in turn ensures on-time deliveries. Professional hand picked agents worldwide, computerized links systems, ground transportation, courier services and the additional benefit of our own customs bonded warehouse complete the picture of your obvious choice for freight forwarding

Airmark Staff

We value our staff and ensure they are given every opportunity to advance their career standards by offering industry training courses within normal working hours. We have an effective OH & S program in place to ensure the health and safety needs of our staff are properly addressed.

The System

The freight industry has had to keep pace with rapid developments in international trade. Airmarkʼs advance planning expertise has given us a fast cargo reservation and handling system. This system deals with all stages of transportation – the allocation of space, full documentation, customer service and guaranteed correct handling in the warehouse. Airmarkʼs cargo system relies on the cooperation of partners whose professional skills make sure everything runs smoothly.