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6 Benefits of Air Freight Services Over Other Freight Services

Air freight services Australia

Air freight is essential in facilitating Australia’s global trade process. Over billions of AUD worth of items are transported by air each year to and from Australia. For high-value and low-volume exports, air freight is considered to be the best transport option available. So, what makes air cargo the most convenient and essential shipment service for global trading? Let us find out! Here are out top 6 benefits of air freight services that make them key to global trading here in Australia:

The Fastest Shipment There is  

If you want your goods to be transported quickly, air cargo in contrast to ocean, road, or rail transport, is undeniably the quickest option you will get. Air shipment is particularly useful for transportation of goods over longer distances because of its speed. On average, cargo air crafts travels approximately at a speed of around 900 km per hour. It also takes only a few hours to ship the required items by air from one continent to another.

Air Cargo Shipments are Very Reliable and Efficient

Is it your primary focus to obtain your products on time? Air freight services are incredibly efficient and reliable because airlines, with reliable arrival and departure times, tend to be apt with their schedules. As most air cargo services operate on regular schedules, sometimes with hourly departures, even a missed flight wouldn’t cause much delay.

Goods can be Shipped Almost Anywhere through Air Freight 

Do you need your goods to be delivered to a remote location? The sea, road, and rail freight routes typically incorporate large transport networks, leaving out the smaller nations. However, several airlines have a wide reaching network of destinations covering almost the entire globe. This implies that you can ship your products almost anywhere with air cargo that also at the fraction of the time taken through other forms of transportation.


Air Cargo Shipments are Very Safe and Reliable

Are you worried about the loss or theft of your goods? How about external contaminations?  Since air freights is mostly used for high-value consignments safety is important Goods shipped by air, however, undergo minimal handling, making this particular freight services one of the safest shipping options out there in Australia. Safety checks on goods are carefully handled at the airport and most items are cleared within a short period of time. This decreases the risk of damage as well as theft.

Lower Shipping, Warehousing, and Insurance Costs

Do you want additional expenses to be avoided? Compared with other shipping options, air shipments typically need less heavy packaging. Air freight transit times nowadays, are faster, reducing the need for local inventory management and decreasing insurance premiums. As a result, you can save money on additional packaging, warehousing and insurance premiums.

It Is Easy to Track Air Freight Shipments

It is easy to monitor your air cargo shipments because there is always a flight number and information about when the flight takes off and when it lands. In addition, several Air freight forwarders offer web apps to track your products. This means you can track the progress of your cargo shipment and remain continuously updated from departure to arrival.

Freight by Air and the Atmosphere

Based on the type of goods that you need to ship, and the priorities that you have, you should choose your mode of transportation.

In Australia, air freight services are probably your best option if you have high-value and low-volume goods that need to be moved quickly to a remote destination. If, however you have low-value and high-volume goods that does not have time constraint and there are commercial lanes that directly call the port, the best choice is most likely to be sea freight.


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