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7 Essential Points To Consider When Shipping Your Items Overseas

overseas shipping australia

Do you want Overseas Shipping Service in Australia? Are you planning to ship your products overseas? Is it your first time? It could be your second or even third yet, you could end up facing some problems if you are not aware of certain issues while shipping your goods internationally.  

Here are some issues to keep in mind before choosing the right shipment service along with the products you are sending. 

1.  Research the customs regulation of each country before sending your parcels

Do you know that you are not allowed to send a matching pair of shoes to South Africa, Mexico and India?

When sending your shipments overseas online, it is necessary to consider the custom regulations. It is better to thoroughly research country-specific rules and restrictions before sending your products. All the shipped products are needed to be cleared by the customs before it can reach the appropriate locations.

Customs regulations ensure that the right products are being allowed in the country. Therefore, if you are sending a carton of Australian cigarettes to Bhutan and the cigarettes are not allowed in Bhutan then it might be confiscated or not allowed to go through at all. This will leave your entire investment worthless.

In typical circumstances, when you are shipping your products, you will need to fill up two forms for customs clearance, one from the country you are sending the parcel and the other from the country that will be receiving the parcel.

2.  Find out the international customs fees and shipping tariff

Are you aware of the customs fees and shipping tariffs when sending your parcels overseas?

You are required to pay a customs fee when shipping your products internally. The fee depends on the value of your product and the country it is being shipped to. The more luxurious and valuable the product is the higher will be the fee.

Therefore, you should check the custom fee rates of different countries before shipping your products. Additionally, the shipping company will be charging you with shipment fee and freight taxes that are applicable to certain products. Therefore, before choosing the right overseas shipping services in Australia, check their tariff rates and then pick the one convenient to you.

3.   Beware of the country wise restrictions and prohibitions before you dispatch your goods abroad!

Are you sure you are not sending any prohibited goods? Have you checked all the rules and restrictions regarding the types of products you are allowed and banned from sending?

A general rule is that no liquids and perishable items can be sent abroad, therefore, it is essential to verify with your courier by checking their list of prohibited items before sending your shipment.  Otherwise, your products might be confiscated or restricted indefinitely.

4.    What to consider when shipping animals or plants

Plants and animals are sensitive things that need extra caution when shipping. In order to transport animals or plants, you need to fill up several shipment forms beforehand. The shipping company needs to be reliable and experienced in carefully handling the shipment of living beings. Therefore, choose your shipping company wisely; it is better to have them delivered through an air freight service for a quick and stress-free journey.

5.    It is absolutely essential to secure your packaging before shipping

Are you aware of the packaging rules while shipping your products to the specified country?

Different countries have different regulations on how the packaged goods should be coming out or coming in. Always research before packing and ensure to label the package properly.

You can ask your overseas shipping service in Australiato do these things for you to ensure it’s done perfectly. Compensation policy in case of damage varies from company to company. Obviously, a renowned company will handle your parcel much more carefully and offer compensation in the unlikely event of a damage. Nevertheless, for peace of mind, always choose packaging that best suits your shipping products. 

Alongside a sturdy packaging, it is essential to put your return and receiving address clearly and in the right order, so that in case of a problem the parcel could be returned back to the sender. 

6.    The time and costs of the services depend on the medium of transportation

The price and timing of your courier delivery will vary based on the means of transportation used by the overseas shipment service to transport your products. Air freight services are the fastest; however, it comes at the expense of higher cost.

On the other hand, sea freights are time-consuming; nevertheless, they are less expensive than the air freight services. Again, the latter is not appropriate for transporting delicate items. Since, they might not withstand the pressures inside a cargo container.

7.    Don’t forget to get your insurance done

Since, there is always a risk of damage associated with international shipments; it is safer to get your shipment insured for damages and accidents. If the shipment goes through safely, it might seem unnecessary, however having insurance can act as a financial safety net against lots of potential problems. If the item is valuable it is better to get the insurance done.

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