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What is the Difference Between Domestic and International Logistic Service?


Logistic is a phenomenal practice of transporting goods to place within your country or overseas. Logistic companies are burgeoning in every alley around Australia. Whether you’re into business or have nothing to do with, understanding how logistic is important in our everyday life can help you in long run.  Logistic service can be broadly defined in two ways; domestic and international. It’s easy to assume the difference between these two just by their terms, but actually it isn’t when it comes to their different functional sphere.

The Basic Line:

Domestic logistics means distributing goods within you country, while international logistic deals is the transportation of goods beyond your country line. Dealing with domestic transportation is way different than that of international because of proximity involves in the process. Let’s take a look at the basic difference of these two operations.


When searching for local freight transport service you can book in many ways. Metro transport, full truck load and dangerous goods point to point delivery to down the road or to other part in Australia can be done easily within a day or maybe in week. On the contrary, international logistics requires different set of commercial operational managers who will set an entire plan for the delivery overseas.


The costs involved in both the process should be considered individually. The price vary based on transportation modes, technology and man power involved. There are additional taxes involved in international process that make it bit too costly than that of domestic.


When transporting within your country boundary, you would be able to choose many transportation options such as truck, metro and other road transportation facilities which are designed for palletized, fork-lifted and skidded. But you have very limited option when moving beyond country’s boundary.

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