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Top 3 Factors that Affects the Rates of International Logistics

International logistics Australia

A variety of factors might impact the expense of International logistics here in Australia. For instance, prices may vary in companies that provide personalised services to consumers, based on their specific needs. Other than that, there are many important variables that have an impact on the international shipping rates. A few such variables are described below.

The Mode of Transportation

International shipping is not just specific to transporting goods across the ocean.  A part of the international logistics support involves land transportation too. Ocean shipping expenses involve the expense of picking up items from your doorstep and transporting them to your destination. You need to fork out a little more money if you want those facilities. Generally, majority of the international parcel delivery services across Australia usually offer 2 types of shipping activities and these are transporting the goods from port to port or dock to dock. Based on your convenience, you can choose the provider. Furthermore, these two large services are divided into two groups – door to port and port to door. So, you can make the shipper provide road service both at the origin and destination, or either at the origin or at the destination, depending on your budget and convenience.

The Mode of Shipment

Another aspect that affects the price of a sea freight is the mode of shipping. If you travel to another city and need to carry all your household goods, you can either opt to get a whole container or go to a container sharing service. Complete containers would naturally cost you much more than shared containers. In reality, the sort of items that are being transported counts. Expensive and fragile items are going to cost you more.  You would also have to pay for the product with additional insurance. The cost of such items is also higher because, due to their fragility, they need special packaging.

The Taxation and Custom Laws

Customs and taxes are the third important factor when it comes to International logistics. Every country has their own rules and restrictions. So, basically, the cost depends on the nation you are exporting goods to. These taxes and duties must be paid before your consignment sets sail to the shipped one. You can talk to company executives about the rules and regulations that are required to be met.

A simpler and safer option is to opt for a personalised brokerage service provided by most shipping companies worldwide. Although it will increase your overall costing slightly, it’s worth it because you are going to be free from a lot of trouble. You should select an international parcel delivery services in Australia that has ample knowledge and experience for a guaranteed safe and efficient shipment at a cost-effective price.

Last but Not the Least!

In addition to the factors alluded to the point mentioned above, shipping dates, demand and supply at that specific point in time, congestion charges at the destination when shipping to busy ports, currency adjustment factors and variations in fuel charges have an effect on the overall cost of international shipping. Some ports implement protection surcharges. If you have your goods transported to certain destinations, foreign shipping costs would be higher. By getting your requirements tailored, you can save cash on your next shipments.

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