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Warehouse Services In Australia - 6 Common Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now

Warehouse services management is an integral part of any logistics and freight management company. Successfully managing the warehouse will help you operate a business reliably and efficiently. However, there are many mistakes that a logistic service makes that directly affect the operation of their business. Continuously overlooking these issues can cause unforeseen problems in the future that are difficult to solve. In this blog, we will explore some of the most common blunders that most of the shipping services make. Please read on to know more.

  1. Not Having A Proper Automated Inventory System

A lot of the freight management services still do not incorporate an automated inventory system in their operation.

The inventory information needs to be continuously verified for accuracy. Stocks need to be consistently stored at the right place so that the goods can be accurately traced. Sometimes mismanagement can lead to incorrect receipts and purchase orders. It can lead to other issues like unexpected inventory shortages or excessive inventory. Sudden shortage in stocks will certainly hamper the handling of their services and the customers will be very unsatisfied with their overall services. On the other hand, excessive inventory will result in space issues and the costs will increase in order to store the extra goods. Therefore, the warehouse staffs need to be properly trained to handle any kinds of error from other departments.

  1. Poor Communication Within The Workplace

In order to become a good warehouse service in Australia it is vital to maintain strong communication between the people involved with the services. Effective communication is a great way to maximize productivity. When everyone involved in the supply chain decisions is on an agreeable term and is aware of the entire operational processes. Then the warehouse can plan out and execute the shipments promptly and efficiently. While poor communication can easily create disturbances in the supply chain and hamper the services.


  1. Poor Time Management

The process of order placement and shipment requires proficient time management skills to be executed to perfection. The orders need to be stored, released, tracked and delivered to the right place at the right time. Failing to do so will result in unhappy and unsatisfied customers and poor quality services. Order picking should not consume so much time as to costing your business huge amounts of money.  Saving time requires guesswork in the location to be eliminated completely.

  1. Not Understanding The Expectations Of The Customers

With the boom in the online industry, the demand for freight and shipping services has skyrocketed over the years. Customers demand quick and reliable delivery at a cost-effective price. Nowadays, the customers are much smarter and cautious when choosing the right freight services. With a greater number of options available, the customers expect quicker deliveries, perfect order placement and excellent customer services.

If the consumers request specific orders then you must give them exactly the way they want it. Otherwise, you will be risking losing them. That is why you need an effective warehouse management to account for individual customer preferences through accurate automated labeling. If the inventory is mismanaged, it could lead to shortages and delays resulting in leaving the customers unsatisfied.

  1. Mishandling Of Inventories

One of the important issues about warehousing is the handling of product damages that can add an unnecessary amount of expenses in the form of compensation. Product damages are unavoidable, accidents can happen at any time, anywhere. However, it is important to create a situation to keep it under control. Through proper warehouse management and training, these mishaps can be greatly reduced.

In order to put it under control, the staffs should be trained to inspect the pallets for broken planks, stringers or nails because they can easily break. The pallets should be packed loaded and wrapped gently and correctly. The warehouse needs to have proper lighting conditions and the premise needs to be kept clean and the operation should follow proper health and safety procedures. Several minor steps can gradually make your warehouse safe and organized. This will promote positive mindset among the employees and improve the productivity and reduce product damages and mishandling.

  1. Not Having The Expertise To Deal With Uncertain Situations

In order to satisfy the customers and maintain a good reputation, the warehouse services in Australia specifically need to correctly deal with several uncontrollable factors such as uncertain economy and harsh climates. Changes in these factors play a crucial role in the volatility of demand.

For example, a sudden plunge in the economy or a global financial crisis will reduce the purchasing power and confidence of the consumers resulting in more products sitting on the warehouses. Warehouses need to use accurate information to estimate the demands of products in uncertain situations.

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